In the market, there are many types of strollers. The model also varies such as conventional strollers, umbrella strollers, travel systems strollers, modular or multi-component strollers, jogging strollers and double strollers. Do you want to choose a pram which one? If you are confused it is reasonable, choosing the right stroller is not easy because they have adapted to many aspects. For example, the baby’s condition, the condition we were pushing, and estimates road conditions are relatively frequently traveled.

To get a pram appropriate and as needed, the following describes some of the types of strollers. One of them may be suitable for your baby.

1. Conventional Stroller
Conventional baby carriage consists of a wide range of weights and sizes, from large, heavy rail, train half the weight or standard, to favor light rail popular cool features, as well as a lightweight aluminum frame.

2. Umbrella Stroller
Type umbrella strollers are the lightest weight, usually less than 12 lbs. Stroller It is also the most standard. One advantage umbrella stroller is its small size making it easy to maneuver and easy storage. Besides the price is the cheapest. Pram of this type is for babies who can sit up alone, usually infants aged six months or more.

3. Travel System Stroller
You could say type stroller travel system is a combination stroller and car seat. If used for newborns, we can condition lock the car seat into the wagon. As for the baby who was sitting up, we can make it work as a stroller only.

4. Modular Multi-Component or Stroller
Pram modular or multi-component is relatively new on the market stroller. The stroller is a multi-component target the upscale market, offering parents a baby carriage of the most flexible. Such as chairs that can be exchanged, which can seat facing the front or the rear, as well as many other options.

5. Activity Stroller
Which is included in the category of activity, for example, jogging stroller and all-terrain strollers or prams for all terrains. At first glance, this type of stroller may look the same because both have only three wheels, but the stroller is used for different purposes. Jogging strollers are made for sports fans jogging.

6. Double Stroller
This double baby stroller models can be shaped by side or front and back. Pram models side-by-side is suitable for babies with the same weight. But this model may be difficult when often out of the door.

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