seo submission

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Texts Adsense is outperforming banners 1 to 5 times better because it uses a special targeting to users who are looking for information about something, plus it’s very easy and cheap to be implemented. One of the best things is getting visitors to use Google AdWords, you will write a short classified type of AdSense, where ads will show the text links and visitors will be clicking on these ads and become a potential customer. These ads are contextually aware.

When you add keywords, make sure that the link texts sufficiently focused and when writing the top sales line make sure that the header of the website also contains those keywords. This is important because some of the keywords that you find, some visitors will you promote with your content in accordance with those keywords. Always use keywords that relevant with your ads, in the title, in the body and on your domain.

When selecting keywords, make sure you do not choose general terms, you will be received more traffic and your pay per click ads also increase. Do a campaign with various search terms, make sure you do some research and you define the terms that related to your website. For example, if you use electrician word, find a keyword that related with an electrician. So electricity, wires, electrician, etc would be the right keywords.

You can try the ways that I describe above. Do not forget to determine the maximum cost per click and earn money with an easy and legal way of course.