Does your breast not as firm as the old day? Want to have it back? Come to our website in and we will help you. Here are some frequently asked question about breast implant and silicone.

Is it true that silicone implants can rupture or leak? Silicone implants that have been installed in the breast will leak only if suffered severe chest injuries trauma (eg, chest stabbed with a sharp object).

Is it true that silicone implants can cause breast cancer? Reaction thrust tissue to silicone breast implants classified as very low, so far not proven to cause cancer. Even if there is evidence of cancer patients after surgery, the patient most likely already have the ‘talent’ of cancer.

Is a woman can breastfeed if her breast was augmented with silicone implants? Feeding process can still be done, as long as the silicone implants placed behind the mammary gland. Usually, the doctor will recommend that silicone implants inserted through an incision in the crease of the breast, so that did not bother the mammary gland.