plus size clubwear

Hello, ladies! As we all know, working as a stripper is fun, but also could be very challenging at the same time. Not only that, sometimes you just enjoy the whole night dancing, sometimes your customers could be so annoying. Yeah, there are so many good and bad sides about working as a stripper. Now, we’d like to share some info with you about the stripper clothes. As you girls may know, there are many interesting stripper clothes out there. Unfortunately, if you pick randomly, the wrong clothes may make you looks weird or plain stupid, especially, if you are working in a bar with a black light.

The number one rule of the stripper wear is that you need to avoid white. Not only that most of the strip bar have black lighting, its color may also look boring. Why? It is because each color has its own effect on the human mind. Don’t blame your customers if they lost their interest to you. You may choose a color that will raise their mood such as red, light blue, and black.

Avoid putting too much your fashion sense in your stripper outfits. Not only that’s excessive and could be a waste of budget, its might also make the customers not interested to see your dance anymore. Why? It’s because they’ve just wanted to see a sexy girl dancing and not a fashion parade. Keep it simple and sexy, just wear whatever make you feel hot as a long as it’s not excessive.

If your clothes are too tight or have some sharp edges, perhaps you can consider to change or modify it. The stripper clothes store as the polethongs might have the best and most suitable stripper outfits for you with a friendly price! If you want to modify your stripper clothes, you may bring them to a tailor and ask them to add some smooth and soft materials to the sharp edges in your stripper clothes.