The road maintenance’s quality control is required in order to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the road maintenance, especially the regular one. The construction officer who’s in charge of the regular maintenance needs to be responsible the whole maintenance works that have been done. Need the best asphalt repair service in Perth? The Harry’s asphalt repairs is the most recommended in the area.

The quality control

The quality control of the regular maintenance is monitored and supervised according to the damage level that needs to be fixed and handled. The responsible of a construction officer on a maintenance activity is the way of the responsible party to guarantee the fulfillment of the working procedure of each damage which is required for the regular maintenance.

Therefore, there are several things that need to be concerned, such as :

1. Supervising and monitoring the road condition continually according to each officer’s authorization and responsibility.

2. Recording of the maintenance is saved as a daily report, depends on the level and the type of the damage.

3. Doing the repair effort according to the required procedure in the road maintenance activity

4. Report to each superior when the disturbance that unable to be solved appeared, according to the determined procedure.

The quantity of the result

The final result of a regular road maintenance work needs to be recorded and evaluated and also be reported periodically, daily, weekly, monthly, trimonthly, and finally. The quantity of the result that needs to be considered such as ;

1. The equity of a structure ; displaying the qualified final result of the project, just like it’s new or become to normal.

2. The density ; in the pavement layer has reached the density level that is suitable for its function and role in the structure.

3. Shape ; the final result with the shape that has been planned.

4. Function ; after the maintenance is done, it’s functioned well and correctly, for example, the water drainage on the side channel is not clogged.

5. Tolerance ; The difference of the final result is still in the limit or the required corridor.

6. Quantity ; The quantity of the project’s final result is suitable with the planned quantity in the maintenance.

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